1.  Catherine Beckley

     born: 1949, IL, Rom. Cath.


2.  Patricia Beckley  

     born: 1954, IL, Rom. Cath



3.  Janice Beckley

     born: 1959, IL, Rom. Cath.



Nancy and Bob


Nancy and Bob


4.  Nancy Beckley

     born: 1963, IL, Rom. Cath.

     x Robert Scilia



Lynn as a Child


Lynn and Husband


Lynn and Husband


5. Lynn Beckley

   born: 1965, New Jersey, Rom. Cath




1.  Dante Pillon, III

     born: 1983, New Jersey

2.  Matthew Pillon

     born: 1986, New Jersey

3.  Philip Corio

     born: 1987, New Jersey


Note: Irene and Bob had five daughters, the five daughters has nine sons and one girl.