Marianna Regina von der Dressel called Dressel nee Grzymala Grudzinski


The Grzymala Grudzinski family are the Roman Catholic Mazovian branch of an ancient noble  family that originated in Pozan area of Great Poland.


The Grudzinski family give Swidgiew, died 1156, who was made bishop of Koyawy in 1129 by Pope Honorius, ex 44, page 319, as the founder of their family and Grzymala Mroczek Przeclawic, lord of Rogowa, who died as an old man after May 2, 1311, as the founder of their family, n?.


The Grudzinski pedigree begins with Pitor Grzymalita, lord of of Grudnie, who lived in the middle of the 15th century as the founder of the Grudzinski branch, ex 44, page 57, n?.


The Grzymala Grudzinski produced 13 senators from 1490-1758. In 1786, Sigismond Ignace a member of the senior branch of the Grudzinski family was made a Count by King of Prussia Frederick II.


The most famous menber of the family was the Countess Joanna Grzymala Grudzinski, born 1799 - 1831,  who was made the Duchess of Lowicz by Czar Alexander I in 1820 after her morganatic marriage to his brother, the Crown Prince of Russia, the Grand Duke Constantine, ex ?


By the 17th century the Grudzinski family split into various branches and were to be found in , Mazovia, Kiev, Kowno, Warsaw, and Wilno, n Urruski. My branch moved to Mazovia during the first part of the 17th century and owned property in the Golany / Przasnysz and the Bork parish areas. By the 18th century, because of continual division of property, they became members of the lower nobility.


Much has been written about the Grzymala Grudzinski family. Most of the material pertains to the Counts of  Grudzinski, but scattered through the material are refferences to the Mazovian branch. The archiv of the Roman Catholic Church of Przasnysz, Poland cotains the birth, death, marriage records and other documents pertaining to my Grudzinski family, n Grygier. In the Bork parish records, until 18??, the nobility of the family is memtioned, ex ?


In the first half of the 19th century my 2nd great grandfather,                              , because of economic reasons moved to Przasnysz, where he becamea succsessful in bussiness as did his descendents. The family also was active in civic affairs. Franscek Grudzinski, Mayor of Przasnysz, was executed by the Nazi occupation army in 1941.


The Coat of Arms of the city of Przasnysz is the Grzymala arms, the same arms used by the Grudzinski family.  It is believed the city took the arms from the family, ex 44.




The Noble Marianna Regina

von der Dressel called Dryszel or Dressel

nee the Noble Gryzymala Grudzinski

born: Sept. 5, 1871, Przasnysz, Russian Poland, ex 40;  ex  41, page 2, nr 14

marr: Jan. 20, 1896, Przasnysz, Russian Poland, ex 19.3

died: May 26, 1924, Chicago, Il. USA, ex 19.3






the Noble Andrzej

Gryzymala Grudzinski,

born: Nov. 28, 1822, Golan, Przasnysz, Russian Poland, ex 41, page 1, nr.?

died: Oct. 15, 1877, Przasnysz, Russian Poland, ex 41, page 5, nr.9

marr. I: 

to: the Noble ? Prus Radulski




The Prus Radulska are an


marr. II: Apr. 15, 1856, Przasnysz, Russian Poland, ex 41, page 3, nr.5: ex 41.1

to: the Noble Maria Anna Prawdicz Cybulski

born: Aug. 23, 1838, Przasnysz, Russian Poland

died: Apr. 14, 1917, Przasnysz, Russian Poland


The Prawdicz Cybulski are the Przasnysz branch of an Roman Catholic ancient noble Mazovian  family that produced ? senators.






the Noble Mateucz Pawlak

Grzymala Grudzinski

born: 1777, Golany, Przasnysz, Poland, ex 41, page 3, nr. 1; ex 42

died:  Mar. 26, 1833, Golany, Przasnysz, Russian Poland, ex 41, nr.5; ex 42.1

I marr:

to: the Noble Catharina  Jonowski




the ? Jonowski are


II marr: the Noble Marianna ? Wacowski




the ? Wacowski are



III marr:  Feb. 11, 1822, Przasnysz, Russian Poland

              to: the servant Dorota Thorzyk

born: 1794, Rzekun, Ostroleka, Russian Poland

died:  alive in 1856, Przasnysz, Russian Poland


the Thorzyk were farm workers.






the Noble Marcin Pawlak

Grzymala Grudzinski

born: 1747, (Golany, Przasnysz, Poland), ex 43

died:  July 2, 1794, Golany, Przasnysz, Russian Poland, ex 43

marr: before 1775

to:  the Noble Agnieszka           ? Sobierayski

born: 1757,    Poland

died: Apr. 30, 1822, Golany, Przasnysz, Russian Poland


the ? Sobierayski are an







The Noble Bartholomej

Grzymala Grudzinski

born: circa 1695 - 1705, ex 44


marr: before 1728, ex 44

to: Elizabeth Bardun (Barton)

born: circa 1705 - 1710



the Bardun could be of Scotish origin and belonging to the ? clan. But, this family has not been researched.