the Bojarin (Noble) Zofia Pelagia Radwan Janowicz


The Radwan Janowicz are the Roman Catholic American branch of the Polish branch of an ancient Lithuanian noble family from the duchy of Samogitia, now Southern Lithuanian. Or the Polish Roman Catholic branch of the Belarus branch of a Radwan Janowicz family which was a branch of the princely Radwan Habilewicz house which was a branch of the princely Radwan Kienski house which was a branch of an ancient Moslem family from Crimea believed to be of Khan origin, n 24.25.


The Lithuanian Radwan Janowicz family give King Boleslaus ( 10----10--) with the curved mouth 's Crown Chancellor Lord Radwan, who is first documented in 1021, ex. 37. This Radwan (or perhaps his son) in the reign of King Boleslaus the Brave, (1059-1083), received a church banner as a coat of arms from the king because during a war with the Ruthenians, he used a church banner to rally his retreating troops to re-attack the enemy. This effort won the battle, ex n ?.


The oldest documentation of the Lithuanian Radwan Jaowicz is from the year 1494, when Wojciech,"chorazy litewski staosta kowienski" was a member of the King's delegation to Moscow, n 24.19.


In the beginning of the 16th century younger male members of the Radwan Janowicz began to leave Lithaunia to improve their condition in other parts of the Commonwealth. In the lattter of the 16th century one went to what was latter called the Seyny provience in Eastern Poland as a colonist. His descendants lezitimitized their nobility in 1841 ?, n ?.


In the 17th century a branch of the family went as colonists to the Minsk province which is today Bylerus. Their descendants legitiitized thie nobility in 1841 and 1845, n.? Another branch went to

Galicia, Southern Poland. Theri descendants legitizied theri nobility in 1783 and in 1854, n. Bon.

Yet another member immigrated to Greater Poland. His descendants legitimized thier nobility in 1859 and 1861, n 24.19, p 365.


In 1772 they were also registered in East Prussia, n ? Huldigte Preussen Szimon ? page 364


The Janowicz family in the Seyny province multiplied and according to Polish law, their properties were divided among all children. By the beginning of the 19th century the family owned many small farms. By the turn of the century, according to the parishes records of Urdaminsk, Popiecz, Warstomina, Mikucie, Sereje, Leypuny, Lodzie ? , Wiesieje, and Swieta Jerziorly, there were apparoximately 60 famlies of child bearing age.


Even though thier properties were relativly small, the family maintained their heriditary rights and privilidges as bojars. This is clearly demonstrated in the 1751tax records and privilidge list from the village of Mikucie, ex 39;  ex 39.1.


When a Janowicz property owner had no immediate heirs, the property remained in the family going to nephews, nieces etc. This explanes why there were frequent changes of residentscies between villages and within a village itself.



Some historians believe that the Radwan family originally came from Hungary, others believe that the Hungarian Radwani family came from Poland..


The tartar Radwan Janowicz family give Prince                  brothers , Prince ?                  

and Prince ?     ,who took refuge in Lithuania during the reign of King Casimir the Great, 13??-13?? as their ancestors, n 24.25, pp ?  ,     ?.


There has been no definitive work done on the Radwan Janowicz family, (Lithuanian or Tartar). They are of course mentioned in most of the Polish, Lithuanian and Tartar Armorials, n 24.1; n 24.2;  n 24.20, n 24.25.





the Bojarin (Noble) Zofia Veronica Pelagia

von der Dressel called Zosia or Sophie Dressel

nee Radwan Janowicz

born: Dec. 20, 1901, Chicago, Il. USA, ex 31

             died: Nov. 11, 1979, Chicago, Il. USA, ex 31.1, ex 18.2






the Bojar (Noble ) Dominick II Mateucz

Radwan  Janowicz

born: Apr. 17, 1868, Prepunty, Swiety Jeziory, Russian Poland , ex 32

             died:  Apr. 11, 1944, Chicago, Il. USA, ex 32.1

             marr:  Nov. 5, 1889, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, ex 32.2


the Kniasowna (Princess) Antonia Krystyna

             Wojnek Tomkow Tomkowicz called Topacz Woynek Tomkiewicz


              see Tomkiewicz Pedigree Section IV




III Generation:

son of:

the Bojar (Noble ) Dominick I Mateucz

Radwan Janowicz

born: June 15, 1834, Niemajuny, Swieto Jeziory, Seny, Russian Poland, ex 33

died: Dec. 9, 1908, Wiejsieje, Russian Poland, ex 33.1

            marr: Nov. 22, 1859, Swieto Jeziory, Seyny, Russian Poland, ex 33.2   


              the Noble Marcyanna Marta

 Orzy Sienkiewicz

 born: Apr. 24, 1841 

              died:             ex 33.3


The Orzy Sienkiewicz are believed to be the senior branch of the family. The younger branch use the ? herb. The Orzy Sienkiewicz family are the Roman Catholic Lithuanian branch of the ancient nobleTartar family called Sinko, who came to Poland in the ? century, n 24.25, p ?. 


The Nobel prize winner for Literature in 19??,  Henryk Sienkiewicz was a member of this family.



IV Generation


the Bojar (Noble) Marcin Adam Radwan Janowicz

born: Nov. 4, 1808, Niemajuny, Swieto Jeziory, Russian Poland, ex 34

died:  before 1859, ex ?

marr: before 1834, ex ?


the Noble Maria Anna Brozek Brzezinski


died: before 1835, ex ?


the daughter of the noble           Brozek Brzezinski and his wife nee the noble ???????? Tomkiewicz, at this time it is not known to which Herb (coat of arms, clan) she belonged.




V Generation:


the Bojar (Noble) Adam Radwan Janowicz

born:  Sept. 2, 1787, Lodzieje, Swieto Jeziory, Russian Poland, ex

              died: before 1844, n ?

marr: 1807, n?


the Noble Katarzyna

              ? Syderowicz called Sydebrel, n            

              born: 1786,

died: Apr. 6, 1844, Mikicie, Swieta Jeziory, Russian Poland


The ? Syderowicz are the ?