Marshall of Hersfeld


doc. 1222 - 1224



1222: Wigand was a witness for a document that gave in fief the parish of Lupnits and all its possessions to the Frauensee Convent from the Abbot of Hersfeld.

1222: Kraynberg castle: The Abbot of Hersfeld testifies that his Marscalcus Wigand sold his property in Lindenau (presumably a village in the county of Rotenburg), fief of Hersfeld, to the Frauensee Convent (near Eisenach).

1224: Feb 18, Kraynberg castle: In Act 17, the Abbot Ludwig of Hersfeld agreed that the Propst Eckehard von Aue could purchase from Marschall Wigand von Beenhausen 10% of the Ruchersfeld estate and give this purchase as a gift to the church in Aue.

It is not clear whether Wigand was a free man or a ministerial of the Hersfeld monastery. Sometimes a free man would become a ministerial because he has been given a “Lehen”. But it seems Wigand had more property than a ministerial would have at that time. Futhermore, there is no reference to Wigand as a ministerial in any of the existing documents whereas many other persons are so individually identified. J.D.

Kraynberg castle is now in ruins not far from the Werra river.



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