1. Some published sources regarding the Dressel family. 10 sections.
    1. Alphabetical Variations of the Dressel Family Name and the Year in which They Occurred.
  2. History and Location of the Dreiseil Estate
  3. The Report regarding Jerzy Dressel from the Embassy of the Polish People’s Republic, January 20, 1955
  4. Location and Dates of Ownership of Dressel Properties
  5. Saxon-Dressel Pedigree “Gothaisches Genealogisches Taschenbuch der Uradligen Hauser,” 1917
  6. Biography of Georg von der Drössel taken from his Eulogy. Roth, Fritz, Restlose, “Auswertungen von Leichenpredigten und Personalschriften,” 10 volumes, Boppard 1959-80.
  7. Article Describing the History of the Dressel Family in Colochau and their Circumstances during the 30-Year War, 1618-1648. “Wie in Colochau Zwei Rittersitze Entstanden”, aus Heimatbote.
    1. The German document from Magdeburg Archive and its translation pertaining to Georg Ernst von der Drössel.
  8. Identification of Documents that show that Peter (father), Peter (son), Frederick (son) and Frederick’s son Johann; living in East Prussia were born on estates in Saxony associated with the Dressel family for centuries and it includes their ages, professions, community status and property ownership in East Prussia.
  9. Copy of the original Georg Dressel Indigenat from the Polish National Archive of Ancient Documents, Warsaw, Poland
  10. A List of Family Names of the Dressel Ancestors and the names of the Estates They Owned at the time of their expulsion from Salzburg, Austria in 1732.
  11. Dressel coat of arms
  12. More examples of the Dressel coat of arms. 6 sections.
  13. Patron Saints of the Dressel Family. 2 sections.
  14. Documents and Translations regarding the von Bennhausen “Coat of Arms”
  15. XXVIII Generation documents regarding Jason Dressel
  16. XXVII Generation birth records of Jozie and Jani Dressel. 3 sections.
  17. XXVI Generation documents regarding Joseph D. Dressel. 5 sections.
  18. XXV Generation documents regarding Joseph and Zosia Dressel. 3 sections
  19. XXIV Generation documents regarding Anton Josef Jan Dressel Anton’s birth and marriage records have been misplaced if they are not found in the near future they will again be requested. However, the information on his death certificate states and confirms his birth date and marriage. 2 sections and commentary
  20. XXIII Generation documents regarding Jozef Damazy (Thomas) Dryzel. 4 sections
  21. XXII Generation documents regarding Johann Friedrick (Jan) Dreszel. 4 sections
  22. XXI Generation documents regarding Johann von der Dressel. 3 sections
  23. XX Generation documents regarding Carolus Fridericus von der Dressel called Drezel. 5 sections
  24. XIX Generation documents regarding Friedrick Karl von der Dressel called Droessel or Drossel. 4 sections
  25. XVIII Generation documents regarding Peter I von der Dressel called Drössel or Dressel. 4 sections
  26. XVII Generation documents regarding Georg Ernst von der Dressel called von der Drössel the Italian
  27. XVI Generation documents regarding Dam (Thomas) von der Dressel called von Drössel the younger. 2 sections
  28. XV Generation documents regarding Thomas von der Dressel. 2 sections.
  29. XIV Generation documents regarding Nickel von der Dressel. 2 sections
  30. XIII Generation documents regarding Caspar von der Dressel. 2 sections
  31. XII Generation documents regarding Thomas von der Dressel
  32. XI Generation documents regarding Thomas von der Dressel
  33. X Generation documents regarding Hans von der Dressel called von der Drosele. 2 sections.
  34. IX Generation documents regarding Kuntz von der Dressel. 4 sections.
  35. VIII Generation documents regarding Gunther von der Dressel. 2 sections
  36. VII Generation documents regarding Conrad von der Dressel. 3 sections
  37. VI Generation document regarding Rudolph von der Dressel
  38. V Generation, seal used by Johann von der Dressel
  39. IV Generation document and Translation regarding Wigand von Beenhausen. 2 Sections
  40. III Generation document regarding Nortmann, Wachsmutt, Gerlint De Bennenhus. Same document as II Generation
  41. II & III generations, documents source regarding Rubbertus von Bennenhaus. 5 Sections
  42. Generation I, documents and Translation regarding Wigand von Benehusin
  43. Founder, letter from one of Germany’s most renowned heraldic authors, Dr. Ottfried Neubecker, the former president of the Wappen-Herold Deutshe Heralische Gesellschaft E.V., regarding the Bennhausen-Dressel family connection. 2 sections.
  44. Baron Houwald's manuscript on Dressel sources in Saxon archives from the 14th to the 18th century
  45. Dr. Grygier's Manuscripts
  46. Professor Edmund Kazcans Rod Drosselow: Przyby?y Z Prus Wschodnich D O Krolestwa Polskiego W Roku 1824/ 1825 I Osiad?y W Dobrach Sztabinskich Karola Hrabiego Brzostowskiego
  47. The Exhibits for the Wimpffen Family
  48. The Exhibits for the Janowicz Family
  49. The Exhibits for the Grudzinski Family
  50. The Exhibits for the Tomkiewicz Family
  51. White Eagle: Journal of the Polish Nobility Association Foundation. Article by Holewinski evolution of surnames among the Polish nobility.
  52. List of noble families from Przasnysz district (in borders prior to 1795)
  53. Klein und Großrössen (Kreis Herzberg) Report
  54. Kirchenbuch Hohenbucko Report
  55. Die Siegel des Adels der Wettiner Lande
  56. The Report from Koydanow, July 1999
  57. Polish bibliography of Georg Dressel

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