1.  Joseph Donald Anton Jan Dominick Gottfried Wolfgang Henry Herbert Stanislaus (Zizi), von der Droessel-Dressel III

    * Jan. 4, 1954 Chicago IL. USA; Rom Cath; (1) 

    † age 4, Dec. 6, 1958 Lincoln Children's Hospital, Lincoln, IL. USA; hydrocephalus meningitis; (s2)

    = Dressel Family Plot, St. Adalbert, Niles, IL. USA; (s1)







1954: Jan. 4, Chicago, Il., USA

      birth; Roman Catholic        

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      Joseph was called Zizi by his parents and family.   The name was given to him by godmother "Ciocia Stacia" Joseph Dressel's grandmother's sister.


      "Zizi was born approximately 5 minutes to 6 Monday morning.   It was a hectic night. Theresa had her first pains suddenly, though nothing had happened to cause an early birth. About 3:30 AM, the pains continuing, I went across the street for Mama, she came quickly in her bathrobe and fur coat. She told me to call Dr. Jakkubowski, he told me to take Theresa immediately to the hospital, which I did in the dead of the night.   There they told me that she was not in labor, and sent me home. Fell asleep for about twenty minutes, Mama called telling me to return to the hospital. When I went for the car, Mama was waiting and said that Dr. Jakubowski just informed her that Theresa gave birth to a premature baby boy who had a 50-50 chance to survive. At the hospital I found Theresa in surprising good spirits and humor. She was not told the reality of the situation.


    The baby was very small, 3 lb. 14 oz. 17 in., black hair, most red, dark blue eyes, blond eyebrows, I saw him, of course in the incubator.   He wasn’t a pretty baby, my first impression was that he resembled Papa Dressel, looked a little like ciocia Stefka, and a little like Peter, my brother in law.   But then, every time I saw him he looked like someone else, and at other times as no one I ever saw before. --- Pat and Herb sent flowers to the hospital which pleased us very much; it was most thoughtful of them.   However, the first flowers to arrive were from Adrianne and Edzu. I brought a little plant too. 

Jan. 8, Friday, Theresa was allowed to leave the hospital.   She did not return to the apartment.   Mama invited her to stay with her.   She remained there a week.   During this time Mammie and Papie Wimpffen visited and brought flowers.


Feb. 24, the baby came home.   We were all rather upset and excited.   Baby Joseph had a difficult time these past seven weeks.   Twice he stopped breathing.   Monday the glands in his throat became swollen.   Again there was a great deal of fear.   He is a most unusual baby, he cries for no apparent reason, he falls asleep very quickly, he seems to be most happy when he awakes, and in the middle of the deep night he seems to want to "play". 



Feb. ? Friday afternoon, Dr. Jakubowski came and said the baby must be immediately injected against measles because it was discovered that all the babies at the hospital were exposed to the disease.   The baby had a bad reaction to it.   Again we had the fright of death, and again our stomachs developed their own peculiar movements.   The injection didn’t work.   We had to take him back to the hospital he was badly inflected with measles.   When I saw that even his eye lids were so infected that he could barely open his eyes, I could not understand how God could allow this.   Zizi refused to eat from Friday afternoon until 7 A.M. Saturday morning. If he did not eat for another hour they would have had to feed him intravenously.


Feb. 28, Zizi has a stomach ache. It is amazing that all the sounds he makes is pure discord, some should be al least a little "harmonious", the poor neighbors.


Mar. 8, Looking at the child I have the feeling he will soon die, what a horrible thought for a father to have, but then, perhaps all fathers loving their children think that they will die?


Mar. 9th, Something is simply not right with Zizi.


Mar. 10 Taking the suggestion of the doctor at our local baby dispensary, Theresa and Mama took Zizi for a complete examination to the Children’s Memorial Hospital, which is considered one of the best children hospitals in the world. Many tests and x-rays were taken.   At the end of the day they were told liquid is blocked in the child's head.   The situation is very serious, surgery must be performed in the next few days. Such operations now have a growing rate of success. But we must not be over hopeful.


    Our flat has taken on a strange atmosphere, it is as if we are in a dream, everything has become slow, sad, polite, dreary.


    Mar. 11, Theresa cried all night, not an uncontrolled crying, but crying that seemed to originate from her soul.   I could do nothing.


    Mar. 12, The news of the baby's condition has visibly upset both families.  The Wimpffens think that we should not allow the operation, and of course now we are told that everyone in the Wimpffen family for generations is born with larger appearing heads.   --- The only visible sign of this fluid block is that his head vaguely seems to be developing a downward trend from the rear.  Zizi shows no sign of pain nor does he now cry much.   Mama and I feel that he gives the impression of being frightened.

There is a change in Theresa, she seems to have accepted the situation, I can



Mar. 13, Herb and Pat came to see the baby, they brought carnations, Theresa's favorite flowers, but, thank God, no gift, how kind.


Mar. 14, Mamie and Papie Wimpffen, tante Ilona, and uncle Mano came to tea.  From the child’s appearance it is difficult to believe that anything is wrong. They were all very kind and want to be helpful.


Mar. 15, The entire thing no longer appears so tragic, somehow, it has taken its place and proportion to life.   But how I wish that the next few weeks could already be over.


Mar. 17, Monday, we are to bring Zizi to the hospital for the operation.  There will be six doctors in attendance. A doctor from England will be chief surgeon.



 Mar, 19, We had to rush Baby Joseph to the hospital, we could not wait till Monday, we could no longer take care of him at home.   He had 3 convulsions and various stoppages of breathing.   We didn’t know what to do. We felt so helpless.


 Mar. 20, They operated all day.   They told us that if the operation was successful, the child would have to be operated every few months until he becomes an adult.


 Mar. 23, We were told today Zizi had meningitis.   It is a serious development, highly contagious, but it can be cured.   They hope that they can control the disease before it can do any damage.


 May 10,  We brought Zizi home.   The doctors decided that they will not schedule any more head operations because the x rays show that the meningitis although cured may have caused too much damage.


 May 13, We are advised that Zizi must be placed in a institution that can give him the care he now requires, he can not be kept at home under any circumstances.   I applied to both Lincoln Children’s Hospital and to the Misericordia School because they were the only two places in the State that would accept such cases as Zizi.   Lincoln had a waiting list and the construction of Misericordia was still not completed therefore we had to wait.   We were hoping that Misericordia would be the first to accept us because it was a Catholic institution and we would be more comfortable with the nuns.   


Zizi now weight about 9 1/2 lbs.   He has my long head form but a Wimpffen face.   He has a pretty face.   The back of his head is obviously large. 

The medical bills are enormous I don't know how I pay them, but I pay them.  One consolation is that I certainly will not have to pay any income tax.


 Although we have put this entire affair into the hands of God, we cannot help but believe in miracles, this belief itself helps.   I have developed a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin of Cztohova ever since Ciocia Stefka gave me, as a wedding gift, the family Ikon of Czentahoava which her mother left to her. I receive particular pleasure in praying and talking to her.   If Zizi is cured, so that he will be normal mentally, I have promised the Ikon, a border of  baroque pearls, and that I will have the Virgin crowned with the emerald diadem we have, and also find a suitable diadem for the Christ Child.  Theresa and I also promised to promote a devotion to her the rest of our lives.


 Friday, May 23, Theresa and Mama were told at the hospital when they brought Zizi for a check up, that he was doing exceptionally well, and that he will again be readmitted to the hospital for observation and possible new surgery.   The doctors feel that with this new development there is now the possibility that he can be re operated with definite hope for improvement.   This is actually the only piece of good news we ever had about the boy.


   May 24, The Ciocias saw Zizi for the first time today.   From their expressions and remarks they seemed to be pleased with the baby.   Am sure they expected to see some sort of monster.    Zizi does not seem to look at anything directly.   This evening he drank 7 1/2 oz. of milk.



   May 28, Zizi had a good night.   He seems to love his new foods, and now seems to live to eat.   He never seems to have enough, he particularly likes apple sauce.   We have been notified that Misericordia is making good progress, and that we are the first on the list for new acceptances. Perhaps with the improvement in Zizi condition we will not have to place him there.?.


   June 3rd, Zizi was baptized at 7:30 this evening at a private ceremony, at St. Stanislaus Kostka church.   Ciocia Stacia was godmother and Theresa's cousin, Count Gottfried Degenfeld by proxy.   He was the fellow that introduced us. Zizi wore the same dress as Lallie, Adrianne and I wore for our baptisms.

The hat was too small so Theresa improvised.   His head rested on a baptismal pillow that was used for Theresa's father, aunt, uncles, brothers and sisters.   It was originally made by her grandmother. Zizi looked very nice and sweet.   The priest was late, and needed more time to get everything properly recorded.   So, that by the time he was finished, the regularly scheduled evening service had to began.   It was the first time Zizi heard a choir, and it produced the urge in him to join voices with them.   Every time the choir stopped, Zizi would stop, every stop the choir would began, Zizi would began, it was funny.   However, he interrupted this active procedure when the priest put salt into his mouth.   This he truly enjoyed, and even licked the priest's finger.   Afterwards the priest gave Zizi the blessing for the sick.    It rained this evening and was rather cold for June. At home, Mama and Papa Dressel joined us.   Theresa served coffee, cake, and ice cream.   For the occasion I lit the chandelier in the living room. Ciocia Stacia gave Zizi twenty five dollars, Mama gave grand papa’s Janowicz's collection of coins which included a ten dollar gold piece, hundreds of Indian pennies, and miscellaneous European coins which he collected from his trips to Europe.   Papa gave  to him the twenty dollar gold piece he received from grandpapa Janowicz.  Papa left early, Mama and I drove ciocia Stacia home.   Everyone pretended everything was just fine; the evening was like a play. Everyone played a role.


June 14, The hospital called to ask why the baby was not brought to the hospital as scheduled.   They were surprised to hear that we were notified to bring the child in on the 21st.  They told us that there was some type of error and that we must bring Zizi to the hospital immediately. His operation was scheduled for tomorrow morning.   We had the baby in the hospital by 6:00 PM

We then found our selves free for the first time in a long while.   We went downtown and attended a performance of the  "Student Prince", it was good to escape into another world.


June 15, The operation began at 12:30, we walked about, and prayed, they brought him down after 3:00.   He was alert, his eyes had a hurt and sick look, his color was good, and he smelled from ether.   They used a local, Zizi evidently fought through out the operation because his knees and legs were bruised.  We were told that the operation was technically a success and there was hope that he not only will live but be normal.   This is the best news we ever had about the child. I felt as if I were awakening from a long long sleep.   But is it true?


June 17, Zizi is doing well except for a blown up stomach which is due to gas, water, and constipation, which has accumulated in his stomach because he cannot be lifted, moved, or belched.   Since the operation he has lost a pound of liquids.  He is kept in a semi sitting position, quite naked, with his legs spread apart, he looks cute, and for the first time he is able to move his head which he seems continually to do for the fun of it. Every one is please with his progress.



June 23, Zizi had an emergency operation at 1:30 this morning for an obstruction in his intestines.   If they would not have operated it would have ruptured.   The operation lasted for hours, immediately after they brought him up he went into a series of convulsions. He turned blue. The room was filled with doctors and nurses, they let me stay because they thought he would die.   Suddenly, about 5:30 he calmed, the blueness left, and even rosy cheeks appeared.


June 26, more convulsions, more blueness, he can only be fed through his veins, the doctors tell me he has an extraordinary will to live, the nurse told me that he lives because he wills it.


July 7, Lallie, Gy, and I gave blood to the hospital to help replace some of the blood that was given to Zizi. In a conference with Dr. Hankerson, the chief surgeon, who performed both major head operation I was told that after he reviewed the new x-rays there can be no hope that Zizi could ever be normal and his survival is most questionable.   He also said that Zizi was born a normal child and all the complications he endured was due to his premature birth.   It was good to know that he was born a normal child.   He advised me to have another child as soon as possible, and said that after studying our medical records, there is no reason why we can not have health children, and what happened was the exception.


Aug. 4, Today we took Zizi to the Missericodia Home, the sisters were very kind, they belong to the order of the Sisters of Mercy.   The facilities are excellent.   After Sister Grace Marie took Zizi from us we cried like little children, we could not stop.


   We can visit the child any time we wish, but they asked us not to come more than once a month if that was possible. 


Aug.13, We took Zizi for his scheduled check up at Children's Memorial.   He now weights 14 lb., platinum hair, he has beautiful large eyes which are turning brown, he is a quiet child, he never smiles.

   Mama won 500 dollars for guessing the correct temperature for the 4th of July in some contest.   Papa added an additional 200 dollars and they purchased a government bond for Zizi.


Aug. 17 Misericorda called and told us that Zizi must be taken to the hospital a swelling is developing rapidly at the base of the incision in his head.   At the hospital we were told that it was not dangerous, but he must remain in the hospital for observation, just in case.


Sept 4, Zizi remained in the hospital three weeks, when we took him back to Misericordia, they seemed very pleased to have him.


Sept. 9, Zizi is doing well, sleeping and eating according to schedule.   Yesterday he was a bit restless; we call frequently to see how he is.


Sept 23, At the end of Zizi check up this afternoon I was told that he is blind and has been blind for quite some time.


Oct. 4, Sister Walter, the new Superior at Misericordia contacted Dr. Hankerson at Children Memorial for permission to begin giving sedatives to him.   She believes he is now experiencing pain because he is becoming increasingly restless.   He had no objection.



Oct. 22, Although we waited over five hours at the hospital, the doctor was not able to keep his appointment because of an emergency.   Zizi now weights 19 lbs. and is completely platinum with brown eyes.   The sisters believe that he has smiled during the past few weeks.   They are very kind.


Nov. 1, Zizi has began to "speak" in his own language, which when I heard him was pure joy.


Nov. 10, Zizi was taken to the hospital because the swelling reoccurred, accompanied with a high fever.


Nov. 24, I took Zizi back to Misericordia, he seems so weak.


Dec. 24, Theresa made a huge Christmas wreath for Misericordia.    It really was beautiful.   The sisters were most pleased.   For the Vigilia we came to Misericordia we dressed Zizi in the Dressel colors, we placed a lit candle in his window just in case the Christ Child would pass by, we shared with him a piece of our opaltek.   From Zizi I received a tie, and Theresa received a late 18th century Slavic jeweled silver belt.   Zizi received money from his Dressel grandparents, toys from Lallie and Aunt Jessie, Mass intentions from ciocia Anna.   Several people addressed their Christmas cards Mr. and Mrs Joseph Dressel and Son, that was nice. And so Zizi too kept his family traditions.  


Jan. 7, 1955, the swelling has again begun to grow but it was not necessary to take him to the hospital.


Jan. 9, Zizi has two little front teeth, but is becoming increasingly restless.

He now weighs 20 lbs."

    Zizi had no more operations, but he had to be taken frequently to Children’s Memorial Hospital.


  July 8, 1955 ZiZi had to be transfer to the Lincoln Children's Hospital in Lincoln Illinois as a private patient. It was no longer possible for him to remain at Misericorda because they were not equipped to care for children past the age of one. At Misericordia Zizi received excellent care.


   The facilities at the Lincoln Children’s Hospital were good. Zizi received good care.   His father bribed the staff to make certain that Zizi would continue to have such care.   But his father felt that even if he did not do that Zizi still would have had good attention.    


   Zizi condition stabilized, he became a quiet child.   It is not believed that he is ever aware of his surroundings or that he ever recognized anyone.


1958: Dec. 6, Lincoln Il., USA

      Zizi at age 4 years, 11 months, 29 days caught a cold and died.


      He was buried in the Dressel family plot next to his great grandfather Dominick Janowicz, St. Adalbert Cemetery, Niles, Illinois.

      Zizi's short existence deeply affected many lives, especially his fathers.






2.  Joseph Donald Anton Jan Dominick Gottfried Wolfgang Henry Herbert Stanislaus (Yozie), von der Droessel-Dressel IV

     XXIII Hereditary Dressel Family Head

     * Jan. 1, 1956, Chicago, Il. USA; Rom Cath; (s1)

      landlord, Chicago, Il., USA

      Chicago city civic employee, Transportation Department










Self portrait of Jozie “Marching and Singing”


























Jozie, Jani, and Huey







 1956: Jan. 1, Chicago, IL USA

       birth; Roman Catholic

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      Joseph is called Yozie by his family and friends. It is the Hungarian nickname for Joey.


      Yozie was a premature child by more than two months.  At birth he was not expected to live.  He sight and hearing was greatly impaired. However, with time he regained normal sight.  His hearing improved and today it is supplemented with the most sophisticated hearing aids available.  When he was several months old he was allowed to come home.  Yozie was enrolled as an out patient at Children's Memorial Hospital. There his progress was monitored until he was a teenager.  Yozie's hearing problem was such that in addition to a volume loss, he was also unable to hear particular combinations of sounds.  This necessitated special instruction by highly trained vocal specialist who were able to teach him to speak with his never having heard the sounds which he used.  This was very difficult but Yozie was most successful and learned to speak with almost no accent.   


195? Yozie attended pre school and grammar school classes at the ???

     This school was sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Chicago. Its faculty consisted of highly trained children specialists.


19?? he finished his last year of grammar school at the ////School

     in Austin, Texas.


19??: He attended the North Shore High School a private school sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Chicago.


1973: At 17 Yozie refused to continue his education saying that since early childhood he had to attend these various institutions, he had enough and according to State law he did not have to go to school if he did not want to.  His father agreed on the condition that if he found useful within a three month period he would not have to continue his education but if he did not find a job, he would have to return to school.   Yozie immediately introduced himself to the local precinct captain and promised to assist him in getting the Democratic vote for an upcoming close election if the precinct captain would find him employment with the City of Chicago.  Yozie worked most diligently and successfully and organized the largest Democratic vote turnout in the history of the precinct.   He accomplished this through multiple telephone calls, personal visits and actually picking up the voters on the day of the election and taking them to the polls.


1974: For this extraordinary accomplishment, the precinct captain kept his promise and Yozie was employed in the Forestry Department.


During this period he organized his own "tree trimming” business which he and his helpers pursued during their free time and off days.  Yozie kept this job for four years until, unfortunately, he fell from a tree and injured himself so that this type of work was no longer possible.  He was then transferred to the Motor Division.  Yozie was employed as a driver for heavy equipment.  It is his responsibility that this equipment was at the location where it was needed depending on the need and or emergency involved.  From time to time he is also assigned to special assignment within his department.


   Considering the disadvantages he experienced because of his premature birth, Yozie by the sheer power of his will, is able to overcome these difficulties and make himself financially independent and lead a comfortable life.  At the time of his birth and childhood the doctors, professors, and consultants were under the opinion that this could never be achieved but now by the professionals who worked with him as a child he is considered to have made a remarkable accomplishment with him self and his life.


   Yozie by all standards is a handsome man.   In height is slightly over 6 ft., weighs 165 lb., dark brown hair, black beard, brown eyes.   His mother's relatives consider him to be an excellent example of a real Hungarian.  Objectively, Yozie must be considered a very interesting young man who has achieved and extraordinary feat.


   Yozie's hobbies are collecting and repairing antique furniture and collecting and drinking Hungarian wines.






3.  Jan Wolfgang (Jani) Dressel

     * May 12, 1958, Chicago, IL USA: Rom Cath; (s1)


     B.A. Phil., B.A. Psy., 1985, Antioch Univ., Springfield, Ohio, USA     

     Landlord Chicago, IL USA

     Property owner, King George, Va. USA

     Owner of the Rainbow Construction Co., Chicago IL, USA





































1958: May 12, Chicago, IL USA

      birth; Roman Catholic


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Jan as a child was called both Johnny and Jani by his family and Jan by his friends.

Jani was a premature baby by approximately three weeks. Since his weight was over 5lb. he rapidly overcame the difficulties of a premature birth. 


1954:  Jani was a very active and popular child. He always seemed interested in making money.   During grammar school at St. Michaels for many years he sold more chocolate bars for the schools annual fund raiser than any other child.


1960-64:   Because of his exuberance his High School education among others included St. Michaels, Chicago, Loyola High School, Wilmmetter. Il, one year at  Lake Forest Academy, Lake and two years at St. John’s Military Academy in Del? Wisconsin.


196?:  Jani  organized the Rainbow Constriction Co. to augment his income and at the same time he attended part-time college classes at Kendal college in Evanston, Il., and the Art Institute in Chicago, Il.,  During this period he to travel in the Europe, Caribbean, and through the States including Hawaii.


1982:  Jani enrolled as a fulltime student at Antioch University in Springfield, Ohio.   It is one of the oldest private liberal arts university-colleges in America.



1985-86: As part of the Universities extension program, he studied two semesters in London, England where he completed his college           requirements.


1986: June, he graduated with two degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Philosophy.   His minor in Psychology was child psychology. For his degree in psychology, he did internship work at the Walter School outside of Boston, and the Meninger Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

     At the age of 4, while running to his mother to give to her a can opener he fell plunging the sharp end of the instrument into his right eye.   This accident seriously affected his reading ability.   It was the opinion of the specialists that he would never be able to pursue any extended   academic activity because of this visual condition.   However, with great perseverance and exercises, he worked with his handicap and was able to complete and achieve serious academic accomplishments.


     After graduation he decided to postpone returning to school for an advanced degree and reorganize his construction co.   He accepted as a sub- contractor contract with the Navy to build an office building in Washington, D.C.


1958:  his co. accepted a multi-million dollar contract to remodel 148 Naval officer’s residences in Dalgren, Virgina.


At thirty, Jani was 5ft. 10in. in height, weighed 160 lb. blond hair, blue eyes, fair complexion.   From his mother he inherited a muscular athletic body.  His hobbies are ????








1.  Thomas von der Droessel called Dressel

     *1963: Feb. 11, 1963 Chicago, IL. USA; Rom. Cath.

     x ??

     to Donna ?




Tommy and Donna





1963: February 11, Chicago, IL USA

      birth; Roman Catholic


     Thomas is called either Tom or Tommy by his family and friends.


1977: Tommy finished his High School work at Lake Zurich Jr. High in

      Lake Zurich , Il,.


1986: He attended Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Il., his major was ? his minor was

      After graduation he joined the ? co in the ? department.


1989: ??????????

      Tom  at age 27 married

      At the time of his marriage Tommy was 5ft. 10in., in height, weighed 145 lb., fair complexion, blue eyes and blond hair.



wife: Donna ?

      Lived: 19??-


    ? is the daughter of ? S? a ? and his wife ? S? a ? nee ?.

    The S? and the ?? are Rom. Cath. families  of Polish origin.

    Both families immigrated to America for economical reasons at the beginning of the 20th century.






Tommy hobbies are music, art and sports. During his school years he won various awards for his art work.






2.  Susan Mary von der Dressel called Dressel

     * 1964: May 5, 1964 Chicago, IL. USA: Roman Catholic

     x June 4, 1988 St. Anne, Barrington, IL. USA

     to John Joseph Cooke


     Banker, housewife





1964: May 5, Chicago, Il., USA

      birth; Roman Catholic


      Susan is called Sue by her family and friends.


1978:  Sue graduated High School from Lake Zurich Jr. High, in Lake Zurich, Il.8.


1986: She graduated from the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, Her major was ? her minor was ?.   She was a National Honor Society student and made the Dean’s List.


1988:       June 4th, St. Anne, Barrington, Il., USA

       sue at age 24 married John Joseph Cooke. B.S.


      At the time of her marriage Sue was 5ft. in height, 105 lbs., olive complexion, brown hair and blue eyes.


1989:   She began her working career with the ??? Corporation in Chicago, as a in 1989.


Sue’s  hobby is reading.




husband:  John Joseph Cooke

          lived: 1960-

          Engineer ?




1960: Nov. 30, Chicago, Il., USA

      birth; Roman Catholic


     son of Samuel Cooke, carpenter and his wife Rosemary Cooke nee Mulcare, housewife. The Cooke’s are a Rom. Cath. family of Irish origin and the Mulcare are a Rom. Cath. family of Italian origin.


1988: John at age 24 married Sue.

      At the time of his marriage John was 6ft. 1in., weighed 180 lb., fair complexion, brown hair and brown eyes.


1989: John received A Bac. of Sci. from the Uni. of Wisconsin

      ( does John`s father own the Alliance Contractors Co. in Woodstock, Il.,      


Sue and John have two children:


1. ?

2. ?



3.  Steven Paul von der Dressel called Dressel

     * Dec. 27, 1966 Chicago IL. USA: Roman Catholic

     x ?

     to ?






1966: Dec. 27, Chicago Il., USA

      birth;  Roman Catholic


     Steven is called Steve by his family and friends.


1981:   Steve attended Lake Zurich Jr. High in Lake Zurich Il.


1989:   he attended the University of Illinois, in Champaign/Urbana, Il., his

       major was ? his minor was ?

       During his college career he made the Dean's list, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar and won various awards including the            Mathematics Award.


1990:  After graduation he was employed by the Northern Trust Co. in Chicago as a ? Steve thinks that someday he would like to open his own music record store.



1991: ????????????????????USA

      Steve at age married ?????

      At 22, Steve is 5ft. 10in., 165 lb., fair complexion, bond hair, and blue eyes.   He resembles his paternal grandfather very much.





  His hobby is collecting contemporary American lithographs, and reading.








1.  Derrick Michael von der Dressel called Driscoe

     * Jan. 24, 1956 Chicago, IL. USA: Roman  Catholic

     x Feb. 10, 1979 Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Elgin IL.

     to Jodie Kay Arneson.

     Master auto mechanic







1956: Jan. 24, Chicago, Il., USA

      birth; Roman  Catholic


      Derrick does not have a nick name, everyone calls him Derrick.


1970: Derrick graduated from Lake Park High school, Roselle, Il.


1979: Feb. 10, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Elgin, Il.,

      Derrick at age 23 married Jodie Kay Arneson.

      At the time of his marriage Derrick was 6ft. tall, weighed 205 lbs., fair complexion, brown hair and gray eyes.


1982: Derrick graduated from Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL, his major was ? his minor was ?  This is an accomplishment in which he is              personally very pleased.


     As a career he chose to be a master auto mechanic.   Since childhood he loved to work with his hands and solve mechanical problems.

This ability he clearly inherited from his paternal grandfather "who could fix anything".   In his profession Derrick regrets that, "they don't build cars like they used to".




Derrick loves to live, enjoys each day as it comes to the fullest.   Enjoys his work when he works, enjoys his hobbies when he relaxes.   He feels that    his living a happy and healthy life is the best contribution a man can make to life.   He and his wife are outdoor people.   Derricks hobbies include "fanatic fisher",  pheasant hunting, gun collecting and restoring old outdoor motors.



wife: Jodie Kay Arneson

      lived: 1957-     



      Jodie Kay is the daughter of Donald L Arneson, painter, and his wife Maxine Arneson nee Gilliam, merchant service representative.   The     Arnesons are a Lutheran family of Swedish origin who immigrated to USA in ???. As a sergeant in the W.W.II Donald received two Presidential Citations.The Gilliams are a Baptist family of French, who married into English, and Irish families and who immigrated to USA in ????.   Maxine's great grandfather ? fought for the Union Army during the Civil War. 




1957: Aug. 12, Elgin, Il., USA


       birth; Lutheran      


1975:  Jodie Kay graduated from Larkin High School, in Elgin, Il.,


1976:  And continued her education at the Elgin Community College.


1977: Professional she is the Catering Manager for the Tucker Foods Co. in South Elgin, Il. A great satisfaction for her is to cater a dinner for a        1,000 people and have everything run smoothly.       


1979:  Jodie Kay at age 22 married Derrick.

       At the time of her marriage at age ? Jodie Kay was 5ft., 3in., fair complexion, blond hair and blue eyes.


       In addition to joining her husband in his outdoor activities, she loves to cook and bake at home.   And for a special treat in her life she reads       "Horror Novels".


      Jodie Kay appreciates being accepted by her mother and father in law as a daughter and not an in law. She feels the best contribution she can          make to life is a happy marriage.



Derrick and Jodie Kay have ? children, see XXXI.?





2. Kevin Anthony von der Dressel called Driscoe

   lived: 1959-

   Truck Driver for Heavy Equipment




1959; June 2, Chicago, Il., USA

      birth; Roman Catholic


1969: In his youth Kevin played on a Allstar Baseball Team (little league) as a pitcher and was awarded many trophies. 


1977: Kevin graduated from Lake Park High School in Medinah Il.,


1978: Since Kevin always wanted to drive cross country in a big truck, and see the world, he continued his education at the Davea Vocational School in Addison, Il., where he was taught how to drive a semi-truck and other heavy equipment.


     After graduation Kevin achieved his goal and drove cross country for several years.


1983: However, as he grew older he realized that his life style preferred a driving job that did'nt take him away from his family so much. He now drives a semi-truck for the Master Halco Co. in West Chicago.  



1987:  May 16, 1987, St. Walters Church, Roselle, Il., USA

      Kevin at age 28 married Darlene Ann Briscoe.


      At the time of his marriage Kevin was 5ft. 11in., weighed 210lb., fair complexion, brown hair, and hazel eyes.


Kevin believes everyone should have good friends, have long relationships, and take each day as it comes.  He would like to be remembered by his friends for his humor and personality. The most important contribution to his adult life, without question, was his marriage.   He now deeply appreciates that his wife loved him enough to date him for nine years before getting married.


Kevin has many hobbies, with his father and brother, who he considers his best friends, he loves to fish; motorcycling; working on cars; and playing with Atv's.



wife:  Darlene Ann Briscoe

       lived: 1959-


       Darlene is the daughter of Ralph Briscoe, insurance agent and owner of  the ? Landscaping Co., and his 1st wife ? Burton, housewife.  The Briscoes are a Roman Catholic family of German, origin who married into families of English, Irish backgrounds.   The came to North  America in?  The Burtons are a Roman Catholic family of Irish origin who came to USA in ????.


       She is an identical twin, both in her mothers' and father's families twins occur.




1959:  Sept. 3,, Chicago, Il., USA

       birth; Roman Catholic


1976:  Darlene graduated from Elk Grove High School, Elk Grove Village, Il.,


1981:   She began working for the Clarke Outdoor Spraying Co, Inc, Roselle,            Il.,


1983:   Darlene was promoted to Comptroller and office manager.   


1986: she continued her education at Harper College, Palatine, Il., and at the College of Du Page, Glen Ellyn, Il., earning as Assoc. Degree in               accounting


1987: Darlene at age 28 married Kevin.  

      At the time of her marriage at the age of 28, Darlene was 5ft. 7in., weighed 150 lb., fair complexion, had dark brown hair, and green eyes.


      Darlene believes in a balanced life that includes work and play, accepting people for who they are, caring when needed, loving her husband especially when he drops the macho stuff and cats, and enjoying the fishing trips.   




Kevin and Darlene have ? children, see XXIIX.?  









1.  Lara Marin von der Droessel called Driscoe

     * April 22, 1979, ? USA








1979: April 22, ? USA

      birth; Rel ?


      "Lara was 21" in length weighted 8 lb.,41/2 oz at birth and a sweet dream come true." (n1)




(n1)  birth announcement received by Joseph Dressel, April, 1979.







XXVII. 10 

1. Jan Andrzej von der Droessel called Dreszel

   * Aug. 11, 1977 Bielsko Biala, Poland: Roman Catholic







1977: August 11, Bielsko Biala, Poland

      birth, Roman Catholic


      Jan is called Janusz by his family and friends.  "He was born via cesarean section.   From birth he has been a very healthy child, never suffering from any serious illnesses. Janusz has developed beautifully, is of proper height for his age, slender, although born of parents who were overweight.   He has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and very nice facial contours.   It seems he has inherited characteristics of both parents -from his father, decisiveness and strength of character - from his mother serenity and gentleness. Of course it is too early to predict his psychological growth, but being the first born son he has become his father's central interest and thus instilled with proper values.

      Janusz is playing the role of the older of the children in the family, and is very fair in his criticism of his brother and sister's behavior. From his father he has also inherited the love of sports. Shake well." 



2.  Margorzata von der Dressel called Dreszel

     * Jan. 11, 1980 Bielsko Biala, Poland: Roman Catholic








1980: Jan. 11, Bielsko Biala, Poland

      birth; Roman Catholic


      Margorzata is called Gosiaczek by her family and friends.   "Her birth was by cesarean section.   She is developing properly for her age, is tall and slender. She is very  friendly as are her brothers. "M" is very healthy and has not suffered any serious ailments.


      "M" characteristics differ from her two brothers.   She does not laugh very often, but is very is very active.   She is very quick, is interested in everything around her and crawls into every corner – a typical tomboy.   At times she is capricious and because she is the only girl in the family she is pampered and spoiled."




3.  Marcin von der Dressel called Dreszel

     * July 29, 1983 Bielsko Biala, Poland: Roman  Catholic








1983: July 29,  Bielsko Biala, Poland

      birth; Roman  Catholic


      Marcin is called Marek by his family and friends. "He was also born via cesarean section.   He resembles his older brother and is a very pleasant child.   He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.   His physical growth is proper for his age, being tall and slender.   Marek's character is that of his mothers. He is serene, speaks very little, and is very comfortable in the presence of others."  








XXVII.13 (n1)

1. Marcin Jerzy von der Dressel called Dryszel

   * May 29, 1985 Warsaw Poland: Roman Catholic





1985: May 29,  Warsaw, Poland

      birth; Roman Catholic












1985: May 29, Warsaw, Poland

      birth; Roman Catholic



      Marcin Jerzy is called Marcinek by his family and friends.   "Because his mother Miroslawa had suffered two miscarriages she was very determined to carry this pregnancy to a full term. She had to be confined to bed in a hospital for the last six months. After the first few weeks it as evident that medical specialist had to be in from outside of Warsaw, this was accomplished at great financial cost to the family.   The cost did not matter the life of the child did.   Marcinek was born 4 weeks prematurely - via cesarean section.   But due to his being born prematurely he was not permittted to come home with his mother.   Marcinek had difficulties with breathing and was placed in an incubator to help develop his lungs. Antibiotics were administered intravenously and in one week his condition improved to a great degree.


   Marcinek developed beautifully in growth and in the awareness of his surroundings within the first two months.   In fact, to all who have seen him

the general consensus is that he is truly a beautiful child.


1986: Warsaw, Poland

      Marcinek's had two godfathers for his baptism, one was his cousin the family head, Joseph Dressel from Chicago, the other was his cousin Jan Dressel, Joseph's son, who came from London where he was completing his  university studies.   His baptism was also a family reunion       celebrated with a traditional Polish feast. 


1986: November,  Marcinek has made great strides in learning to speak, he understands everything that is being said to him.   He has become quite articulate for a boy his age. He is very gentle , and craves the companionship of other children his age.   Although he has never suffered any major illnesses he is quite vulnerable, catches colds easily and too often.


Marcinek has light brown hair, blue eyes and his height is proper for his age."




(n1)  written by Andrzej the father of the child. Nov. 1986 and translated by Sophie Broddy. 





2.  Jan Andrzej von der Droessel called Dryszel

     * July 16, 1989 Warsaw Poland: Roman Catholic









1989: July 16, Warsaw, Poland

      birth; Roman Catholic


      Jan is called ? by his family.   His mother's pregnancy was difficult; she was in the hospital six weeks before J? birth.   But, when he arrived, he was a healthy beautiful baby. 









2.  Annette von der Dressel called Dryszel

     * July 10, 1974 Edward Hospital, Naperville IL: Roman Catholic

     x Feb. 16, 2001 Living Stone Christian Church, Roselle IL

     to T. James Kopecky

          *July 15, 1977 Christ Hospital, Oak Lawn IL

          Son of Rudolph Henry Kopecky and his wife Priscilla Ann nee Larson




Annette and Jim













14a.  T. James Kopecky



1.  Holly von der Dressel called Dryszel

     * Dec. 24, 1975 Edward Hospital, Naperville IL: Roman Catholic

     x  Sept 12, 1998 Naperville Bible Church, Naperville IL

     to Richard Eric Rossini

          *Jan 7, 1975

     son of  Robert Alfred Rossini Carol Lee Krienitz



Rick and Holly













      birth: Roman Catholic



16a.  Rick










1.  Brianna

     * May 9, 2000 Hinsdale Hospital, Hinsdale IL.






2.  Emily Grace

     * July 14, 2002 Hinsdale Hospital, Hinsdale IL.







1.  Paul von der Dressel called Dryszel

    * December 31, 1976 Margowo ? Olystyn, Poland: Roman Catholic










1976: December 31, Margowo, ? Olystyn, Poland

      birth; Roman Catholic


     "At the time of Paul's birth his mother Anetta was a student attending the University of Torun and his father Bogdan was employed. After the birth his mother remained home for one month and then returned to the university. Paul was left in the care of his grandparents and his father.


1977: Oct.  he was placed in a nursery  school, remaining there from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM when he was called for by his father to be taken home, where his grandparents and aunt cared for his needs.


1979:  At the age of three he attended kindergarten until reaching the age of seven.


1983:  Then he started elementary school.   He is a very good student, quiet intelligent, and is very interested in mathematics.   He is an avid reader and frequently borrows books from the school and public libraries.


       He is a child of deep sensitivity. ( get Wanda to finish translation)" n?





2.  Lukas von der Droessel called Dryszel

     * Mar.14, 1979 Margowo, Olystyn, Poland: Roman  Catholic







1979: March 14, Margowo, Olystyn, Poland

      birth; Roman  Catholic


      In August Lukacz was placed in a nursery school where he remained for only two months.



1979: November, his mother took a furlough from work without pay in order to take care of her children. In the winter months the children remained  at home under her care.


1980: June, he was again placed in a nursery school which he attended until the age of three.


1983: He then attended kindergarten until the age of seven,


1986: Lukas now attended elementary school.   Lukas is a very attentive in school and is a very good student.


      He is tall for his age, well built, a bit chubby at the moment, but is a very happy child.   He is interested in Sports, likes animals and at this       moment is attending most diligently to his two baby pigs." n?





end of the 27 generation as I understand it