Yuri and Jacque’s Engagement Picture


Yuri and Jacque’s Wedding Picture



Yurie and Jacquie attending the dedication of the first World War memorial in Farafeld Austria, August 21st, 1927.
They were the guests of honor at the dedication.










Kainberg castle Yuri’s birthplace
the castle is still in posession of the Wimpffen family



The Wimpffen-Sina Palace in Vienna
which was destroyed during the Second World War

Ercsi castle and chapel
portions of the estate are still in posession of the Wimpffen family

Aichberg Castle which Yuri sold in 1960

Neuhaus Castle was sold with its 2400 hectars of forest in 1942



Farafeld Castle and courtyard which was burned down during the second world war
the Farafeld estate is still in posession of the Wimpffen family




                                Farafeld chapel                                          Second Floor Entrance to Dining Room



Resort Areas Included in the The Farafeld Estate




Dorange Hotel and Lobby





                                    The Gallery                                                      The Lunchroom                                                  The Dining Room





                                                                   Typical Bedroom                                                              The Salon





The Therapeutical Bath Rooms




The Stephanie Hotel




The Stephanie Restaurant and Inn





The Bahnhoff Hotel which was Later Converted into an Apartment Building




The Skating Rink



One of Several Guest Villas





Yuri’s house in Denver Colorado




Yuri’s House in Chicago



Group pictures of Yurie and Jacquie's children:







This is the only existing photograph of all of Yurie and Jacquie's ten children


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