Sources and Notes: XIth Generation


1028.  "The parents of George Graeffenberger are not with absolute sureness identifyable. According to the marriage entry of 29.4.1687 the mother of George Graeffenberger is "Catharina Stueller". The marriage of a Christian Greffenberger and a woman with this name is not recorded.

   On 6.2.1651 a Christian Graeffenberger with a "Catharina Drinkher" is  recorded. With the greatest probability Catharina Stueller is to be identified with Catharina Drinker (or Trinkher). The Name "Stueller" is taken from the name of an estate named "Hinter-Stuel". The naming of persons after the name of an estate, from which they come, was during this period, especially in the Wagrain area, a popular practice. With the use of this alternative way of naming a person has made genealogical research more difficult." translated from a report from the E.B. Konsistorialarchiv, Salzburg, Austria dated June 13, 1991.      


1784.  information obtained from Elenizza Cleronome nee Mavroudi will, document ? found in the        Constantine is the son of her brother Janne (Johanus) according to her will see document nr. ?


1960. (1) Nachrichten ueber Paul von Cleve (+1581) und seine Nachkommenschaft           in maennlicher Linie, Goerlitz, 1910, Gedruckt bei C.A. Starke,

          Koenigl. Hofl., by Carl Cleve


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1961. (1)  same as 1960. (1)

1962. (1)  Ahnentafeln beruehmter Deutscher, 6. Folge, Lieferung 1, Leipzig

           Ahnentafel Generalfeldmarschall Herwart von Bittenfeld. 1944

1963. (1)  same as 1962. (1)

1964. (1)  same as 1962. (1)

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